Household Insurance

Not only fire, but also theft and natural disasters can be insured.


Car Insurance

No claims bonus : if you come to Belgium with a good driving record, make sure you use it!


Welcome Pack

The Welcome Package covers all your insurance requirements for a period of 60 days at a cost of only 1 € a day – starting with the removal, cover for your household and personal effects and third party liability.



Roadside Assistance and Personal Assistance: always someone to help you.

Insurance for expats: comfort comes first

We specialize in the expat world
As an expat, you have a number of specific insurance needs.
You are renting a home, your wife (husband) drives her (his) own car, the kids are at school ...
You need help from people who know what goes on in your world. 

Copper & C° has over 15 years of experience insuring expats, so: just leave it to us! 

Professional Team

Copper & C° is a banking and insurance broker who understands the type of service excellence you are looking for in your new country of residence.