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Online claim process

Emergency assistance
If you require assistance for your claim call us on 02/267.92.26

Online claim process
1. Fill in as much of the claims form as you can.
2. You will receive confirmation of the information you supplied for your claim by email.
3. We will contact you if we require further information.
4. You will be contacted either by us or our authorised supplier within 2 business days to organise the next step in processing your claim.

Complete as much of the form as you can. If we require any further information, we will contact you. Alternatively, you can call us on 02/267.92.26 and file your claim by telephone between 7am and 7pm weekdays and 8:30am to 5pm weekends with one of our friendly customer service consultants.


Welcome Package

The Welcome Package covers all your insurance requirements for a period of 60 days at a cost of only 1 € a day.

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